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young sun Young Sun 43: Tradition in Mind August 24th 2014. The Young Sun 43 is a a proven cruising boat with traditional looks, and a rich history.
riviera 58 Finn McCool: An Appropriately Named Riviera 58 August 21st 2014. Finn McCool is a Riviera 58 with an air-conditioned flybridge.
hanalei bay Owning a Yacht for Lifestyle and Business: Sailing the South Pacific to Buy Art August 17th 2014. A yacht can be used for profit, as well as pleasure, and Dylan Thomas has an unusual way of making ...
cruisers yachts cantius 48 Yacht Warranty Worries: What is The Coverage? August 15th 2014. When shopping for a pre-owned yacht, ask these questions to determine how much warranty coverage, if any, you have.
The Cheoy Lee 44: Classic plastic with surefooted bluewater DNA. Cheoy Lee 44: A Timeless Bluewater Cruiser August 12th 2014. Looking to cruise the open ocean? The Cheoy Lee 44 is worth a look.
Atlantic Highlands Marina damage Hurricane Sandy Insurance Policy Terms for Yacht Owners August 5th 2014. Understanding the terms in your yacht insurance policy is a key to knowing you're thoroughly covered.
A photo of Wallace Foss, a classic Pacific Northwest tug. Wallace Foss: A Unique and Historic Tacoma Tugboat August 5th 2014. This classic tug from the Pacific Northwest is for sale. Own a piece of history, today.
aria Palmer Johnson Aria Offers Proven Quality and Charter Results July 31st 2014. This 87-foot Palmer Johnson sailing yacht Aria is for sale through Nicholson Yachts.
sailboat How to Choose a Safe Cruising Sailboat July 29th 2014. Choosing the right boat for you and your family starts with finding a safe sailboat.
dream symphony Dream Symphony: The World’s Largest Sailing Yacht July 26th 2014. The luxury yacht Dream Symphony will be the largest sailing yacht in the world.