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Ian Atkins presents YachtWorld Hero award to David Rockefeller, Jr. A Man for All Seas: David Rockefeller, Jr. is the YachtWorld Hero for 2013 February 13th 2014. In the decade since it was founded, Rockefeller’s ocean-stewardship organization, Sailors for the Sea, has taught, cajoled, certified, voyaged, borne ...
Heesen megayacht Heesen Yacht Megayacht Galactica Star: Speed Matters February 10th 2014. This 200-plus-foot Heesen yacht hits nearly 30 knots, and does so while burning 20 percent less fuel than comparable yachts.
Nameless megayacht underway Mondo Marine’s Nameless February 6th 2014. She may have an unusual name, but Nameless ensures that she’ll be anything but anonymous in the minds of all ...
hms beagle titan Superyacht Titan: $30 Million Worth of Seagoing Grandeur February 3rd 2014. Once known as the HMS Beagle, the superyacht Titan could be yours - for a mere 30 million dollars.
Hunter 456 Hunter 456: Popular Coastal Cruiser or Liveaboard Sailboat January 31st 2014. If you’re looking for a coastal cruiser that is also the quintessential liveaboard, the Hunter 456 may suit your needs.
benetti ocean paradise Benetti Ocean Paradise: Individual Expression January 28th 2014. How do repeat clients of Benetti outdo themselves? With a Zen-inspired yacht that is also pure fun.
Ulysses ice Transoceanic Expedition Craft: Superyacht Ulysses January 26th 2014. Serious offshore adventurers should find plenty to like in the superyacht Ulysses.
historic ship tongham Unique Historic Yacht Opportunity: Minesweeper Tongham January 25th 2014. You could be the first on your dock to own a historic minesweeper—and then nobody would mess with you.
marlow explorer Marlow Explorer: A Serious Cruiser that Holds Value over Time January 23rd 2014. The Marlow Explorer line offers cruising motoryachts in a variety of sizes and configurations. All will be of interest to ...
selling a boat How to Find the Right Price When Buying or Selling a Boat January 22nd 2014. Finding and setting a fair price will help a boat sell faster.