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Sunreef Supreme 68: The Promise of 'Audacious' Onboard Space Sunreef Supreme 68: The Promise of ‘Audacious’ Onboard Space March 21st 2016. This new release from Sunreef is one catamaran that's not short on space or comfort.
The schooner Amistad is astern off New Haven harbor. Check out that nice flat wake. Pocket Cruising: A Sailor’s Brain Under Power March 17th 2016. Turns out there's still plenty to pay attention to, even without halyards and sheets to tend.
Yachts After Dark, Miami Beach Yachts After Dark, Miami Beach March 15th 2016. With so many large, striking vessels on display, Yachts Miami’s evening hours cast many in their best light at an ...
bertram 43 Bertram 43 Convertible: A Proven Sportfishing Machine March 14th 2016. If you’re looking for an older, less expensive mid-sized convertible for offshore fishing, the Bertram 43 is a must-see.
burger 108 Burger 108 Sarah Beth: Sportfishing Exploration Yacht March 10th 2016. If you want to fish everywhere from Baja to Bermuda, this Burger 108 has what it takes—and is on the ...
charter Privilege Yachts Create Charter Trifecta March 7th 2016. An owner of three Privilege Yachts aims to dominate the Caribbean charter scene.
grand banks 42 Grand Banks 42 Classic: The Gold Standard in Traditional Trawler Yachts March 3rd 2016. Stability, ease of handling, and smart design features have made the Grand Banks 42 Classic popular with many serious boaters, ...
mondomarine Mondomarine Serenity February 29th 2016. The first SF series yacht from Mondomarine exudes the essence of experiential travel, and togetherness.
leonardo dicaprio 5 Hollywood Celebrities Who May Have Celebrated on Superyachts after the Oscars February 24th 2016. Would Leonardo DiCaprio, Steven Spielberg, or Harrison Ford kick back on a megayacht after the Oscars? Quite possibly.
The Long Range Cruiser was conceived as a no-monkey-business, open-ocean passagemaker, built to last and to handle rough seas comfortably. Nearly 40 such yachts have been launched and several have circumnavigated, proving their design pedigree. Concorde Marine Group Combines Three Pacific Builders February 18th 2016. The collaboration of Northern, San Juan, and Concorde proves that, like cats, worthy boatbuilders just might have nine lives.