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This 130-footer is one of five different aluminum motoryachts in Cantiere delle Marche's Nauta Air lineup. Cantiere delle Marche Explorer Range: Coming to America September 27th 2014. Never heard of this Italian yacht builder? Prepare to be educated—and intrigued.
Village child bathing in front of a beached, cyclone-damaged, and abandoned 47-foot Sparkman Stevens. Mischief: Sailing the South Pacific and Giving Back September 21st 2014. One couple's 'give-back' lifestyle returns in abundance, allowing them to continue sailing and exploring.
zeelander z68 Zeelander Z68: Supermodel Motoryacht September 20th 2014. The new Zeelander 68 brings high style to a flybridge, with sex appeal in spades.
Sally Christine commuter for Randy Repass A Commuter Boat with Style: Sally Christine September 14th 2014. When the founder of West Marine wanted a commuter boat, he turned to Sam Devlin. The result is Sally Christine, ...
Sailing catamaran underway Fractional Yacht Ownership: Pros and Cons September 12th 2014. Fractional ownership has become a popular option for yacht buyers, but is it right for you?
paddle steamer Majesteit: 1926 Paddle Steamer for Sale September 9th 2014. A majestic paddle steamer that still serves in the tourism trade.
zeelander z44 Zeelander Z44 Adds Sexy Curves to Classic Lines September 6th 2014. The Zeelander Z44 is designed by Frank Mulder, who also penned the James Bond-inspired megayachts Octopussy, Moonraker and The World ...
Five Super Toys for Superyachts Five Super Toys for Superyachts September 3rd 2014. A superyacht deserves super toys, like these five water wonders.
Moon River Sam Devlin design running Moon River, a Stitch-and-Glue Motoryacht by Sam Devlin August 31st 2014. Moon River, Sam Devlin’s latest 48 foot wood composite creation, is a blend for the ages.
used boat 10 Problems to Look Out For in Used Yachts and Boats August 29th 2014. You're buying a used yacht or boat? Make sure you check for these 10 important issues.