Guide to Buying, Owning, Selling Your Boat

seakeeper Gyro Stabilizer Refit for Smoother Sailing August 1st 2015. An active gyro stabilizer can significantly reduce roll. Here’s what’s involved in a retrofit.
furuno Radar for your Yacht: New From Furuno, Garmin, and Simrad July 11th 2015. Advances in long-distance detection from Furuno, Garmin, and Simrad enhance radar performance.
Inspecting a Yacht Prior to Sea Trial Inspecting a Yacht Prior to Sea Trial June 27th 2015. Before you take a yacht out for a sea trial, you'll need to make a full inspection. Here's what to look for.
Trinity Yachts Rockstar under way Case Study, Rockstar: How to Survey a Brokerage Yacht after an Accident June 6th 2015. The 161-foot Trinity motoryacht Rockstar, which suffered damage when a bridge fell on her in late 2014, has been repaired and is for sale on the brokerage market with International Yacht Collection.
Ferretti custom line 100 How to Find the Right Yacht Captain and Crew May 17th 2015. Finding the captain and crew that match both your boat and your personality is critical.
Avalon was donated to charity, a win for buyer and seller and turtles. Donating Yachts to Charity: Win-Win April 28th 2015. Northrop and Johnson made a brokerage deal on the 108-foot Southern Pacific sailing yacht Avalon that helped the owner, the buyer, and the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation.
isinglass Better Views: Clean and Care for Isinglass April 18th 2015. Whether you’re selling your yacht or you just want to enjoy better views, clean Isinglass is key.
Boat for sale how to make it easy How to Make Your Boat Easier to Sell: 5 Expert Tips April 8th 2015. Yacht broker Whit Kirkland of Bradford Marine Yacht Sales offers 5 expert tips for selling a boat.
hurricane damaged boat Damaged Yachts: A Bargain, or a Bust? March 29th 2015. Buying a damaged yacht could be a bargain. Or, maybe not.
A photo of Wallace Foss, a classic Pacific Northwest tug. How to Save Money on Yacht Maintenance February 28th 2015. What’s the real cost of owning a yacht? Experienced boaters know, it depends…