Guide to Buying, Owning, Selling Your Boat

Avalon was donated to charity, a win for buyer and seller and turtles. Donating Yachts to Charity: Win-Win April 28th 2015. Northrop and Johnson made a brokerage deal on the 108-foot Southern Pacific sailing yacht Avalon that helped the owner, the buyer, and the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation.
isinglass Better Views: Clean and Care for Isinglass April 18th 2015. Whether you’re selling your yacht or you just want to enjoy better views, clean Isinglass is key.
Boat for sale how to make it easy How to Make Your Boat Easier to Sell: 5 Expert Tips April 8th 2015. Yacht broker Whit Kirkland of Bradford Marine Yacht Sales offers 5 expert tips for selling a boat.
hurricane damaged boat Damaged Yachts: A Bargain, or a Bust? March 29th 2015. Buying a damaged yacht could be a bargain. Or, maybe not.
A photo of Wallace Foss, a classic Pacific Northwest tug. How to Save Money on Yacht Maintenance February 28th 2015. What’s the real cost of owning a yacht? Experienced boaters know, it depends…
Pre-Purchase Yacht Surveys: What You Need to Know Pre-Purchase Yacht Surveys: What You Need to Know February 14th 2015. Whether you're buying a yacht or selling one, a pre-purchase survey is a must.
marine surveyor Marine Surveyors: Everything You Need to Know January 27th 2015. Whether you're buying or selling a yacht, understanding the surveyor will help you choose the right person for the job.
boat villages screenshot on ipad Modern Yacht Maintenance December 14th 2014. Digital maintenance and management services make modern yacht ownership easier.
Finding the right yacht broker is essential in the successful sale of your boat. Find the Right Yacht Broker November 22nd 2014. If you’re selling your boat, make sure you select the right partner.
Ranger R27 tug running Yacht Registration vs. Documentation October 14th 2014. Documentation has some advantages, but it's not right for every yacht out there.