Guide to Buying, Owning, Selling Your Boat

boat villages screenshot on ipad Modern Yacht Maintenance December 14th 2014. Digital maintenance and management services make modern yacht ownership easier.
Finding the right yacht broker is essential in the successful sale of your boat. Find the Right Yacht Broker November 22nd 2014. If you’re selling your boat, make sure you select the right partner.
Ranger R27 tug running Yacht Registration vs. Documentation October 14th 2014. Documentation has some advantages, but it's not right for every yacht out there.
Sailing catamaran underway Fractional Yacht Ownership: Pros and Cons September 12th 2014. Fractional ownership has become a popular option for yacht buyers, but is it right for you?
used boat 10 Problems to Look Out For in Used Yachts and Boats August 29th 2014. You're buying a used yacht or boat? Make sure you check for these 10 important issues.
cruisers yachts cantius 48 Yacht Warranty Worries: What’s the Coverage? August 15th 2014. When shopping for a pre-owned yacht, ask these questions to determine how much warranty coverage, if any, you have.
Atlantic Highlands Marina damage Hurricane Sandy Insurance Policy Terms for Yacht Owners August 5th 2014. Understanding the terms in your yacht insurance policy is a key to knowing you're thoroughly covered.
sailboat How to Choose a Safe Cruising Sailboat July 29th 2014. Choosing the right boat for you and your family starts with finding a safe sailboat.
boat shopper Boat Shopping on Autopilot: 3 Tricks July 20th 2014. Here are a few web tools that will simplify your boat shopping online experience.
boat sitting on top of a car after storm Boat and Yacht Insurance: Are You Covered on Land? July 11th 2014. When your boat is sitting on the hard, don't count on your homeowner's insurance policy.