Offshore Sailing: Hawaii to British Columbia
Posted on October 10th 2014 - Jessica Muffett
Four men experience true offshore sailing by delivering a Beneteau First 47.7 across the Pacific.

Posted on August 30th 2010 - Pete McDonald
Just got this notice in from ACR Electronics: To read the full announcement, click here for the PDF: Marine Safety Alert Here’s the map of the affected area:

Laura Dekker Solo Sailor, Skishing, and Other Weird Nautical News
Posted on August 23rd 2010 - Lenny Rudow
When it comes to Skishing, Laura Dekker (another youngest around the world solo sailing trip), and other weird nautical news, sometimes you just have to ...

How You Can Get Properly Fitted Life Jackets—For Free
Posted on August 9th 2010 - Sponsored Blog
Last month, we brought you some tips for making sure that the life jackets on your boat are the correct size for every adult and ...

Coasties to Crack Down on Bow Riding
Posted on August 2nd 2010 - Pete McDonald
The Coast Guard announced it will be cracking down on the practice of bow riding, meaning you can’t ride in the bow cockpit, as pictured ...

Sirius Satellite Weather on the Chartplotter
Posted on July 30th 2010 - Lenny Rudow
After testing Sirius satellite weather on the chartplotter, I signed up for the service myself. Since I take my kids out on offshore adventures that ...

Bailing Mahi at the Lobster Pots
Posted on July 28th 2010 - Lenny Rudow
Bailing mahi mahi at the lobster pots along the edge of the Continental Shelf is one heck of a fun way to fish; there’s a ...

BOOK REVIEW: Deadliest Sea
Posted on July 26th 2010 - Pete McDonald
From Noah to the sinking of the whaleship Essex to The Perfect Storm, maritime disaster stories have kept audiences riveted in accounts recorded on the ...

Adding a High Accuracy Fuel Flow Meter on your Boat
Posted on July 26th 2010 - Lenny Rudow
Adding a high accuracy fuel flow meter onto your boat is a much easier installation then most people would assume, and it gives you some ...

Troubleshoot Outboard Engine, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Evinrude, or Mercury
Posted on July 23rd 2010 - Lenny Rudow
Do you need to troubleshoot your Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Evinrude, or Mercury outboard? Even though most of today’s outboard engines require a full-blown laptop scan to ...