Bertram Yachts: An American Favorite
Posted on March 1st 2015 - Kim Kavin
Yachts like the Bertram 63 are classic, modern, and in demand.

The Sanlorenzo SD 112 O: Putting the O in Oh!
Posted on February 26th 2015 - Diane Byrne
Yes, the name of this yacht is a single letter—and when you see what the owner of this Sanlorenzo SD112 did, you’ll surely exclaim, “Oh!”

Horizon PC52 Power Catamaran: Quick Video Tour
Posted on February 21st 2015 - Carol Cronin
The Horizon Yachts PC52 is a new power cat that officially launched at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Chris-Craft 25 Launch: Popular As Ever
Posted on February 20th 2015 - Kim Kavin
The Chris-Craft 25 Launch remains a popular model, even after 14 years in production.

SAFE Boats: Secured All Around Flotation Equipped Life Savers
Posted on February 17th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
If you ever need a rescue at sea, there's a good chance a SAFE boat will do the rescuing.

Hargrave 94 Sky Lounge: Adventure Us II
Posted on February 11th 2015 - Diane Byrne
In this yachting family, Grandma not only calls the shots, she also owns the yacht.

D’Natalin IV: Megayacht Magic
Posted on February 9th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
Megayachts like this Christensen don't come along every day.

MJM 50z: Quick Video Tour
Posted on January 29th 2015 - Lenny Rudow
The 2015 MJM 50z is a new downeast design from the mind of Bob Johnstone.

Trawler Wanderbird: Ocean Explorer in Waiting
Posted on January 25th 2015 - Neil Rabinowitz
Built to cruise to any ocean, this long-contemplated, carefully built trawler has yet to spread its wings.

Fleming 58 Video: Quick Tour
Posted on January 24th 2015 - Alex Smith
An extra three feet gets you quite a bit of kit on this passage-making motor yacht.