Steven Spielberg Goes Around The World on his Super-Mega-Yacht
Posted on April 23rd 2013 - Sandy Lindsey
World famous director Steven Spielberg will follow in the footsteps of Jules Verne, with an epic 30,000 mile voyage aboard his $200 million yacht.

International SeaKeepers Society Honors French Fashion Icon
Posted on November 29th 2012 - Diane Byrne
SeaKeepers recognize Agnès Troublé, a.k.a. agnès b, for dedication to marine conservation and assisting the global scientific community.

Dick Simon Yachts: Broker Profile
Posted on September 30th 2010 - Zuzana Prochazka
With the energy and enthusiasm of a 20-year old, Dick Simon revives a brokerage business in Dana Point, California.

The Torture Rack of Glory
Posted on August 26th 2010 - Kimball Livingston
It’s not just a full circle, it’s a rich full circle to see John Bertrand on San Francisco Bay, returning as a coach to the ...

Flying Stingray Stinger Skewers Boy, in Freak Event Like Steve Irwin Death
Posted on August 24th 2010 - Lenny Rudow
A 10 year old was skewered by a flying stingray stinger last week, in a freak accident reminiscent of the Steve Irwin death-by-stingray event. File ...

Laura Dekker Solo Sailor, Skishing, and Other Weird Nautical News
Posted on August 23rd 2010 - Lenny Rudow
When it comes to Skishing, Laura Dekker (another youngest around the world solo sailing trip), and other weird nautical news, sometimes you just have to ...

Warrior’s Wish Makes Port
Posted on August 18th 2010 - Kimball Livingston
The phone rang at 0511 and what followed was a truncated conversation with a strong-sounding Ronnie Simpson who was “inside the Gate” and—he’s now ashore—safe, ...

Guardian Angels Apply Here
Posted on August 17th 2010 - Kimball Livingston
Ronnie Simpson and Ed McCoy have crossed the 200 mile mark in their tip-toe journey home to San Francisco Bay after losing the keel from ...

Suddenly Lighter
Posted on August 13th 2010 - Kimball Livingston
You met Ronnie Simpson in this space as a young, former Marine, medically retired following a shoot-up outside Fallujah, prepping for the Singlehanded Transpac. He ...

Season 5 of Lats & Atts TV
Posted on August 9th 2010 - Zuzana Prochazka
Season 5 of Lats & Atts TV Season 5 of Latitudes & Attitudes TV is now online and air. Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine has a TV show, ...