Boat Maintenance & DIY

When Your Diesel Gets the Bends: How to Fix Air Locks
Posted on June 16th 2015 - Jeanne Craig
When a diesel engine gets an air lock, it’s like a diver getting the bends. Both situations can be lethal; here’s the fix.

Better Views: Clean and Care for Isinglass
Posted on April 18th 2015 - Jeanne Craig
Whether you’re selling your yacht or you just want to enjoy better views, clean Isinglass is key.

Modern Yacht Maintenance
Posted on December 14th 2014 - Jeanne Craig
Digital maintenance and management services make modern yacht ownership easier.

XANTREX, New Web Site
Posted on August 31st 2010 - Ed Sherman
Xantrex announced a major re-design for their webstire today. The new site offers vastly improved customer assistance and technical support features. Check it out... Xantrex launches ...

More on LED lighting
Posted on August 30th 2010 - Ed Sherman
On Friday I shared a press release on one of the new Hella LED light fixtures. Since then I've heard from one of our readers ...

Fishfinder Transducer Transom Mount Location, Hold Bottom at High Speeds
Posted on August 30th 2010 - Lenny Rudow
Holding bottom at high speed is a common problem with transom mounted fishfinder transducers, and location is usually the reason. Just yesterday, a friend who ...

LED Lighting, It Just Keeps Getting Better
Posted on August 27th 2010 - Ed Sherman
Hella announced today a new, wide angle LED lighting fixture to its already impressive selection. I can't emphasize enough the significance of retro-fitting LED's wherever ...

Ethanol Horrors….continued
Posted on August 26th 2010 - Ed Sherman
Back on July 22 I posted an article and link, which you can still access here: The title was More Ethanol Horrors. In that entry ...

Are your charts up to date?
Posted on August 24th 2010 - Ed Sherman
Somehow I'm not too surprised at one of the newsbites that came in earlier today. It seems that the results of a survey conducted recently ...

Electrical Overload, Part 3
Posted on August 20th 2010 - Ed Sherman
Yesterday in part 2 of this series on electrical overload issues you could see that fuses that are continually stressed to near or even above ...