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Gyro Stabilizer Refit for Smoother Sailing
Posted on August 1st 2015 - Jeanne Craig
An active gyro stabilizer can significantly reduce roll. Here’s what’s involved in a retrofit.

Emergency Fire Firesteel, Sporks, and Ice Cream
Posted on August 31st 2010 - Lenny Rudow
Do you consider fire, sporks, and home-made ice cream among the necessities of life? If not, maybe you should. Industrial Revolution sent me one of ...

Are Humminbird or Eagle Portable Fishfinders Worth the Cash?
Posted on August 27th 2010 - Lenny Rudow
Portable fishfinders made by the likes of Humminbird and Eagle may seem like a good idea for folks who regularly rent or use multiple small ...

Posted on August 26th 2010 - Zuzana Prochazka
TreeFrogPad  - a super sticky pad that holds on to your stuff – even at angles. Now this is a neat idea.  Check out the TreeFrogPad, ...

Bird Dropping Clean Up and Protection
Posted on August 24th 2010 - Zuzana Prochazka
Clean up after birds with Shurhold’s cleaner and polishes. For some parts of the country, it’s getting time for winter decommissioning which includes a thorough cleaning.  ...

Lewmar’s EVO Winches
Posted on August 23rd 2010 - Zuzana Prochazka
Lewmar’s new winch line, EVO, will be unveiled to the trade at METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) this November. Still built on the standard Lewmar winch ...

New Jerkthatjig Octojig, and Blueline Tilefish Fishing Tips
Posted on August 20th 2010 - Lenny Rudow
Jerkthatjig has a new lure called the Octojig, which I tested recently while fishing for blueline tilefish. This is one of the wackiest jigs ever created, ...

Lyman Morse Offers ZeroBase Solar Unit
Posted on August 13th 2010 - Zuzana Prochazka
Lyman Morse Boatbuilding Co. is working towards becoming a "green company" recently winning awards for its commitment to energy efficiency by installing wind power, solar ...

Here’s Why You Need an iPad on the Boat
Posted on August 13th 2010 - Tom Tripp
by Christine Kling   (Editor’s Note — Chris Kling is a sailor with with more than 30 years of experience on the oceans of the ...

Take the Poll — What’s the Ideal Tender Outboard?
Posted on August 12th 2010 - Tom Tripp
If you could have the perfect outboard for your dinghy or tender, what would it be?  A diesel perhaps, because you’re already carrying hundreds or ...