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Wheeler Coast Guard Cutter: Calling All History Buffs
Posted on December 5th 2016 - Zuzana Prochazka
If you’re looking for a historic yacht with a rich history, this Wheeler cutter may be of interest.

Superyachts of the Future
Posted on December 1st 2016 - Kim Kavin
These stunning superyachts are now in build, and are scheduled to launch in the next few years.

Sabre 48 Salon Express: Sabre’s Best Model Ever?
Posted on November 28th 2016 - Kim Kavin
The Sabre 48 Salon Express is one of this builder’s most popular models, and they’re available all across the US on the brokerage market, today.

5 Outrageous Expedition Yachts for Under a Million
Posted on November 24th 2016 - Lenny Rudow
Any one of these jaw-dropping yet surprisingly affordable expedition yachts would allow you to explore the world.

Triton: A Submarine Built for Superyachts
Posted on November 21st 2016 - Kim Kavin
Triton subs are designed and built specifically as “toys” for superyachts.

Buying a Boat in Europe? Key Changes U.S. Service May Require
Posted on November 18th 2016 - Ed Sherman
Consider these factors before buying a yacht in Europe or elsewhere for use in the United States.

Whitby 42: Classic Cruiser and a Good Used Boat Buy
Posted on November 14th 2016 - Zuzana Prochazka
The budget-minded sailor will want to look for this classic cruiser.

Nancy Lloyd: A Restored Classic
Posted on November 10th 2016 - Zuzana Prochazka
This historic sailboat, built in 1938, has a new lease on life.

Wider Yachts Genesi: 156 Feet of Magnificent Mega Yacht
Posted on November 7th 2016 - Diane Byrne
The first megayacht from Wider Yachts leaves no doubt as to how “Wider” translates to more room for more enjoyment on the water.

2016 Monaco Yacht Show: 5 Superyachts that Wowed the Crowds
Posted on November 3rd 2016 - Kim Kavin
Yachts and superyachts like the Wider 150, Tankoa S701, Amels Elixer, VSY 64, and Project Raptor captivated the show-goers at Monaco.