Environment and Weather

The Beaufort Scale: Learn it, Love it, Live it
Posted on September 7th 2014 - Lynda Morris Childress
If you have global destinations in mind, don’t leave home without brushing up on this valuable weather-forecasting tool.

A Man for All Seas: David Rockefeller, Jr. is the YachtWorld Hero for 2013
Posted on February 13th 2014 - Doug Logan
In the decade since it was founded, Rockefeller’s ocean-stewardship organization, Sailors for the Sea, has taught, cajoled, certified, voyaged, borne witness – and become a ...

The Envelope, Please: 5 YachtWorld Heroes Finalists Announced
Posted on January 8th 2014 - Staff
The winner will be announced at the Miami Boat Show on February 13, 2014.

Safira: Eco-Friendly Megayacht from Newcastle Shipyards
Posted on November 10th 2013 - Diane Byrne
Adventurous, environmentally minded cruisers can borrow a page from Safira, an expedition yacht with decidedly eco-oriented detailing.

Bray 42M Ocean Explorer: Next-Generation Megayacht
Posted on April 24th 2012 - Lenny Rudow
This new design from Bray Yacht Design and Research brings environmental responsibility to the megayacht realm.

YachtWorld Foundation: Why I Started it & Chose Seakeepers as Beneficiary
Posted on May 12th 2011 - Jessica Muffett
Founder Jessica Muffett tells the story of YachtWorld.com's non-profit arm and its first grant recipient, the International SeaKeepers Society.

SeaKeepers Society: Climate Custodians
Posted on February 15th 2011 - Diane Byrne
The aptly named International SeaKeepers Society is arming the global scientific community with much-needed data about the ocean, the weather, and more.

YachtWorld Creates Foundation To Further Knowledge and Protection of Oceans.
Posted on December 27th 2010 - CS Yachtworld
The International SeaKeepers Society will be 2011 beneficiary.

The Beaufort Scale: Judging the Wind in Your Sails
Posted on September 24th 2010 - Staff
Most sailors know that meteorologists derive wind speeds in knots from the spacing of the isobars. But why do they describe the wind using a ...

Bill for Billfish In House of Representatives, Support HR5804
Posted on August 19th 2010 - Lenny Rudow
The House of Representatives has a bill, HR 5804, which prohibits trade in billfish and deserves your support! HR5804, which they’ve titled the Billfish Conservation Act ...