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Ranger Tugs R-31: More Pocket Trawler for your Trailer
Posted on July 16th 2012 - Tom Tripp
Could Ranger Tugs have developed the perfect pocket trawler in the trailerable R-31?

Seaton Yachts Expedition 83: A Steel Turnkey Experience
Posted on June 19th 2012 - Tom Tripp
The Expedition 83 will be a world-wide traveler, capable of roaming up to 4,260 nautical miles.

Marlow 70E: High-Tech and High-Speed
Posted on May 1st 2012 - Tom Tripp
Long on range and also on luxury, this iteration of the Marlow Explorer series offers world-wide travel and world-class quality.

Outer Reef 700 LRMY: Turnkey Custom Luxury
Posted on March 19th 2012 - Tom Tripp
Does your yacht have every amenity of home? The Outer Reef 700 does.

Nordhavn 86: Still the Queen of the Fleet
Posted on March 5th 2012 - Tom Tripp
An efficient cruise and an affluent interior make the 86 a mobile mansion.

Grand Banks 53 Aleutian Raised Pilothouse: Boat Review
Posted on January 19th 2012 - Tom Tripp
The newest incarnation of the Grand Banks Aleutian series might be the perfect boat for a couple looking to move up into a luxury pilothouse ...

Symbol 60 Classic: Cure for Wanderlust
Posted on December 14th 2011 - Tom Tripp
Comfort, easy access to well-installed systems, and a hull designed for open water make this a great option for active liveaboard cruisers.

Nordic Tug 39: Designed for a Carefree Life Aboard
Posted on June 5th 2011 - Tom Tripp
This major redesign of the NT-37 makes a great boat for a cruising couple, nicely balancing size and price.

Mainship 395 Trawler: Same High Quality, Greater Flexibility
Posted on April 17th 2011 - Tom Tripp
Mainship has gracefully adapted its successful 34-footer to accommodate two couples or a young family.

Island Pilot IP535: A Fast Trawler With a View
Posted on March 13th 2011 - Tom Tripp
The builder loads this luxury yacht with well-considered, top-shelf standard equipment. It’s not inexpensive, but once you step aboard, your work is done.