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CONTEST: Name That Dive Boat
Posted on August 31st 2010 - Pete McDonald
The reopened Bimini Big Game Club needs a name for its new dive boat, and is holding a naming contest: Winner gets a free dive trip. ...

Posted on August 30th 2010 - Pete McDonald
Just got this notice in from ACR Electronics: To read the full announcement, click here for the PDF: Marine Safety Alert Here’s the map of the affected area:

Things Found At Low Tide
Posted on August 27th 2010 - Pete McDonald

GUIDE BOATS: Rich Armstrong’s McKee Craft 22
Posted on August 23rd 2010 - Pete McDonald
We spent the day chasing striped bass and bluefish with Rich Armstrong of Boston Fishtix charters, and asked him about running his McKee Craft Freedom ...

Posted on August 21st 2010 - Pete McDonald

ROAD SHOTS: Tethered
Posted on August 21st 2010 - Pete McDonald

ROAD SHOTS: Vineyard Tenders
Posted on August 20th 2010 - Pete McDonald
iPhone camera shots.

GUIDE BOATS: Eric Wallace’s Flats Skiff
Posted on August 18th 2010 - Pete McDonald
This is the first in a series of quick interviews with fishing guides, and why they fish the boats they do. Eric Wallace is a ...

Kona Press Boat Update: 700-pound blue tagged
Posted on August 16th 2010 - Pete McDonald
I got an email update from Jon Schwartz, the photographer who snapped a blue marlin as it rammed the press boat at the Hawaiian International ...

What Is the Menhaden Coalition?
Posted on August 12th 2010 - Pete McDonald
The decline in the Atlantic menhaden population over the past few decades is staggering: An 88 percent drop in numbers between 1979 and 2009. The ...