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Seagull II: Classic Is Reborn as Charter Megayacht
Posted on July 23rd 2014 - Kim Kavin
In the mid-1900s, a series of ships dubbed the “Six Poets” was launched, and one built in 1952 was named for Croatian literary great Vladimir ...

Outer Reef 70: Unusual Motoryacht Available
Posted on July 17th 2014 - Kim Kavin
A display-model Outer Reef 70 is for sale, and so is a whole new Trident series that will start with a 530.

Mondango III: Sailing Charter
Posted on July 15th 2014 - Kim Kavin
Ask a group at a cocktail party to name the five best sailing charter yachts in the world and the odds are good that many would include the 169-foot ...

Sanlorenzo 46 Steel: 151 Feet of Italian Beauty
Posted on July 3rd 2014 - Kim Kavin
Eight Sanlorenzo 46 Steel motoryachts – the biggest model offered by this builder – have been ordered from the Italian shipyard so far.

Splash Down: Failed Northern Marine Launch Creates Marketing Challenges
Posted on June 22nd 2014 - Kim Kavin
A recent failed launch has speculation swirling, even though Northern Marine yachts on the brokerage market are proven products.

Cabo 52 Afunday: Run for the Money
Posted on June 2nd 2014 - Kim Kavin
The owner of a Cabo 52 in Trinidad is offering free flights to the Caribbean for qualified buyers.

Fleming 55: Time-Tested Motoryacht
Posted on May 26th 2014 - Kim Kavin
Fleming delivers less than a dozen 55s each year, helping to keep inventory low and brokerage values high.

Fuel Up Your Sea Plane With This Westport 98
Posted on May 9th 2014 - Kim Kavin
This unique Westport 98 has been modified with the owner's tastes in mind, including their love of flying.

Hatteras 68 Convertible: Each One Is Not Like the Other
Posted on April 29th 2014 - Kim Kavin
The Hatteras 68 Convertible isn't the rarest sportfish yacht on the ocean by any means, but the last two ever built are. Read on to ...

Repowered 106 Denison: Unique Megayacht
Posted on April 14th 2014 - Kim Kavin
Yes, she needs a new interior, but a $1.2 million refit means Zantino III has a lot to offer.