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New from Delta Carbon Yachts: 55 Open and 54 Tuna
Posted on May 5th 2015 - Kim Kavin
Delta Powerboats releases plans for a Delta Carbon Yachts 55 Open yacht and a 54 Tuna yacht.

Donating Yachts to Charity: Win-Win
Posted on April 28th 2015 - Kim Kavin
Northrop and Johnson made a brokerage deal on the 108-foot Southern Pacific sailing yacht Avalon that helped the owner, the buyer, and the National Save ...

How to Make Your Boat Easier to Sell: 5 Expert Tips
Posted on April 8th 2015 - Kim Kavin
Yacht broker Whit Kirkland of Bradford Marine Yacht Sales offers 5 expert tips for selling a boat.

Grady-White 330 Express: From 2001 to the 2015 Redesign
Posted on March 28th 2015 - Kim Kavin
The Grady-White 330 Express has been updated for 2015, including a new Airview hardtop option.

Bertram Yachts: An American Favorite
Posted on March 1st 2015 - Kim Kavin
Yachts like the Bertram 63 are classic, modern, and in demand.

Chris-Craft 25 Launch: Popular As Ever
Posted on February 20th 2015 - Kim Kavin
The Chris-Craft 25 Launch remains a popular model, even after 14 years in production.

Meridian 580 Pilothouse: West Coast Favorite
Posted on December 29th 2014 - Kim Kavin
Interest remains solid in the Meridian 580 Pilothouse, a model that first launched more than a decade ago.

Moonraker: Fastest Mangusta 165 Yet
Posted on December 23rd 2014 - Kim Kavin
Many boats can reach speeds of 40 knots these days, but when the boat is 165 feet in length, that speed is quite a feat. ...

2 James Bond Yachts are Enough, Superyacht Owners Decide
Posted on December 11th 2014 - Kim Kavin
John and Jeanette Staluppi were about to add a third megayacht named after a James Bond film to their fleet... until a better offer came ...

Editor’s Choice: 20 Best Yacht Photos, part 2
Posted on November 25th 2014 - Kim Kavin
As I mentioned in the first part of this photo essay, I once tried to count the number of luxury charter yachts I’ve had the ...