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Ocean Alexander 100 Motoryacht: Just the Right Size
Posted on December 18th 2014 - Diane Byrne
The Ocean Alexander 100 Motoryacht solves two interesting space problems: she’s small enough for some buyers while being large enough for others.

Sunseeker Blush: Eddie Jordan’s 155 Feet of Megayacht Magic
Posted on December 6th 2014 - Diane Byrne
One of Sunseeker’s best customers personalizes his 155 Yacht in ways you’d never expect of a production build.

Feadship Como: A Megayacht with Merit
Posted on November 6th 2014 - Diane Byrne
She may be one of Feadship’s “smaller” deliveries of late, but Como makes big statements in terms of megayacht design and technology, particularly with glass.

Rossinavi Polaris: 158 Feet of Wow
Posted on October 23rd 2014 - Diane Byrne
The newest delivery in the Prince Shark series from Rossinavi shows just how customized some seemingly set designs can be.

Rossinavi Polaris: Prince Shark Wow
Posted on October 14th 2014 - Diane Byrne
Pre-set technical platforms allow quicker delivery schedules and peace of mind to megayacht buyers, some of whom don’t want to get involved in engineering and ...

Horizon Yachts RP110: Bigger. Faster. Better.
Posted on September 30th 2014 - Diane Byrne
The newest Horizon Yachts megayacht is indicative of the company's inclination to listen to clients.

Horizon Yachts RP110
Posted on September 25th 2014 - Diane Byrne
When customers who saw the Horizon Yachts RP97 said they’d like even more volume, Horizon’s in-house naval architects hit the drawing boards. The Horizon Yachts ...

Azimut 80: A Breath of Fresh Air
Posted on June 12th 2014 - Diane Byrne
Huge expanses of glass and open spaces give the Azimut 80 an open feeling, perfect for folks who love the sun and a nice breeze.

Azimut 80: Fresh Air, Inside and Out
Posted on June 11th 2014 - Diane Byrne
It’s hard to imagine that not too long ago, small ports and port lights were the norm on yachts. Today, huge expanses of glass are ...

Sunseeker 28 Metre Yacht: Big Yacht, Big Speed
Posted on May 21st 2014 - Diane Byrne
The aptly named Sunseeker brand has made its way across both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to various shores. Whether the buyers are American or ...