Diane Byrne Archive

CRN Saramour: Superyacht, or Art Gallery?
Posted on August 10th 2015 - Diane Byrne
Designed around individual pieces of art, Saramour shows how simplicity can shine.

Yacht Yersin: Learn and Explore
Posted on July 16th 2015 - Diane Byrne
A man who grew up spellbound by the sea is now helping to preserve it, by using his yacht to help educate others.

Perini Navi Grace E: New Vitruvius Series Megayacht from Picchiotti
Posted on May 20th 2015 - Diane Byrne
The Grace E, the first delivery in the Perini Navi Vitruvius series, puts a spin on traditional layouts.

Benetti Veloce 140, Cheers 46: A Megayacht that Breaks the Mold
Posted on April 13th 2015 - Diane Byrne
The Benetti Veloce 140 is a semi-custom megayacht, but the owners of Cheers 46 brought their own ideas to the table.

Benetti Veloce 140: Breaking the Megayacht Mold
Posted on April 9th 2015 - Diane Byrne
Megayachts, whether fully custom or semi-custom, tend to follow a familiar pattern in terms of their interior layouts. The master suite now goes forward on ...

A Sanlorenzo Named “O”
Posted on February 26th 2015 - Diane Byrne
In semi-custom construction, some yacht buyers focus on “custom” and seem to forget the “semi” part. Maybe it’s due to excitement, or thinking a request ...

The Sanlorenzo SD 112 O: Putting the O in Oh!
Posted on February 26th 2015 - Diane Byrne
Yes, the name of this yacht is a single letter—and when you see what the owner of this Sanlorenzo SD112 did, you’ll surely exclaim, “Oh!”

Hargrave 94 Sky Lounge: Adventure Us II
Posted on February 11th 2015 - Diane Byrne
In this yachting family, Grandma not only calls the shots, she also owns the yacht.

Arcadia 85: Life on a Single-Level Yacht
Posted on January 22nd 2015 - Diane Byrne
Finally, a yacht that's easy on the environment: the Arcadia 85.

Arcadia 85: Eco-Friendly Single-Level Yacht
Posted on January 21st 2015 - Diane Byrne
Arcadia Yachts was established with the ideas of enjoying the natural environment while remaining respectful of it. The Arcadia 85, the Italian yard’s first model, ...