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Yacht Yersin: Learn and Explore
Posted on July 16th 2015 - Diane Byrne
A man who grew up spellbound by the sea is now helping to preserve it, by using his yacht to help educate others.

Perini Navi Grace E: New Vitruvius Series Megayacht from Picchiotti
Posted on May 20th 2015 - Diane Byrne
The Grace E, the first delivery in the Perini Navi Vitruvius series, puts a spin on traditional layouts.

Benetti Veloce 140, Cheers 46: A Megayacht that Breaks the Mold
Posted on April 13th 2015 - Diane Byrne
The Benetti Veloce 140 is a semi-custom megayacht, but the owners of Cheers 46 brought their own ideas to the table.

Benetti Veloce 140: Breaking the Megayacht Mold
Posted on April 9th 2015 - Diane Byrne
Megayachts, whether fully custom or semi-custom, tend to follow a familiar pattern in terms of their interior layouts. The master suite now goes forward on ...

A Sanlorenzo Named “O”
Posted on February 26th 2015 - Diane Byrne
In semi-custom construction, some yacht buyers focus on “custom” and seem to forget the “semi” part. Maybe it’s due to excitement, or thinking a request ...

The Sanlorenzo SD 112 O: Putting the O in Oh!
Posted on February 26th 2015 - Diane Byrne
Yes, the name of this yacht is a single letter—and when you see what the owner of this Sanlorenzo SD112 did, you’ll surely exclaim, “Oh!”

Hargrave 94 Sky Lounge: Adventure Us II
Posted on February 11th 2015 - Diane Byrne
In this yachting family, Grandma not only calls the shots, she also owns the yacht.

Arcadia 85: Life on a Single-Level Yacht
Posted on January 22nd 2015 - Diane Byrne
Finally, a yacht that's easy on the environment: the Arcadia 85.

Arcadia 85: Eco-Friendly Single-Level Yacht
Posted on January 21st 2015 - Diane Byrne
Arcadia Yachts was established with the ideas of enjoying the natural environment while remaining respectful of it. The Arcadia 85, the Italian yard’s first model, ...

Sunrise Yachts Atomic: Surprise!
Posted on January 7th 2015 - Diane Byrne
Think you can keep a secret? You’ve got nothing on the owner of Atomic, who planned this yacht to surprise his family.