May 9th 2014. By Kim Kavin.

Fuel Up Your Sea Plane With This Westport 98

This unique Westport 98 has been modified with the owner's tastes in mind, including their love of flying.

You don’t have to live in the Pacific Northwest to know seaplanes are as ubiquitous there as sportfishing boats are in Bimini. The owners of the 98-foot Westport Calliope  have one, and they wanted a no-muss, no-fuss way to refuel it after flying in to meet the boat. So they installed something that precious few yacht owners even consider.

A photo of the Westport 98 Calliope, which has an aviation gas fuel tank onboard to refuel the owner's sea plane.

The Westport 98 Calliope has an aviation gas fuel tank on board to refuel the owner’s sea plane.

“The cockpit has an aviation gasoline tank for a seaplane in it,” says listing broker Randy Cowley with Hampton Yacht Group in Seattle, WA. “When the boat is in Canada, the owners can dock their seaplane next to the boat and refuel it right there. In this part of the world, a lot of people have seaplanes, but there are only two or three boats I know of with a fuel tank for the plane.”

Calliope is a 2003 build that started out as a spec boat. Westports are production boats to a great degree, and she left the shipyard looking similar to her siblings. Her first owner brought her to Florida in 2004 for a refit at Rolly Marine that would forever leave her distinct, adding an eight-foot cockpit with a fighting chair along with a custom flybridge hardtop. The current owners bought her in 2006 (in a deal Cowley brokered), kept the exterior upgrades in place, and did an extensive interior refit to match their laid-back personal style.

“It’s a very comfortable interior,” Cowley says. “These people have a ranch in Sun Valley, Idaho, with a 14,000-square-foot log home with guest quarters and outbuildings. They’re relaxed. The boat is their personality.”

Since 2006, the current owners have used Calliope in Alaska every summer, returning her to the Seattle area for maintenance during the off-season. “She’s at Delta Marine  now for seasonal maintenance,” Cowley says. “There’s an open-checkbook policy. The boat gets what it needs.”

Perhaps ironically, the current owners are selling (at an asking price of $4.5 million) because they want to go places that Calliope, even with a seaplane, can’t take them.

“They have a jet,” Cowley says. “They’re going to fly around and see the world.”

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Kim Kavin

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