April 14th 2014. By Kim Kavin.

Repowered 106 Denison: Unique Megayacht

Yes, she needs a new interior, but a $1.2 million refit means Zantino III has a lot to offer.

Yannis “John” Zagorakis knows what you’re thinking, because about seven years ago, he was thinking the same thing. “The boat was a disaster,” he says of the 106-foot Denison Zantino III. “When I got involved, I told the owner, ‘I can’t say when, but we are going to have a major problem.’ And then we did, in 2009. I was the captain and the engines were old, about 10,000 hours, and the boat blew an engine.”

denison megayacht

Though this 105 Denison still needs some work, significant refitting has already been done.

Zagorakis then oversaw what became a $1.2 million mechanical refit, including the installation of 1,400-hp Caterpillar C-32s at Rolly Marine Services in Fort Lauderdale, in consultation with Patton Marine. They serviced the ZF marine transmissions. They installed new Vulkan couplers. They repaired and recertified the fuel tanks. The shaft tunnels were replaced. New antifouling, zincs and cutlass bearings were installed. High Seas Technologies balanced the shafts and props. A new 80-kW Northern Lights generator was installed. Stabilizers were serviced or rebuilt.

“Even the ceiling and lighting was replaced,” Zagorakis says. “We did a refit of, basically, the whole engine room.”

The current owner is the boat’s second (the original owner, in 1986, called her Lady Eleanor). He loves Zantino III today as much as when he bought her in 1997—but his wife does not. “Now, the boat is solid,” Zagorakis says, “but his wife doesn’t want to travel so much anymore. That is why it’s for sale.”

Zagorakis has shifted roles from captain and project manager to sales broker for Zantino III, which is listed at $1.495 million with Hargrave Yacht Brokerage and Charter. The price has been reduced from the previous $1.795 million and, for the most part, represents what the owner has put into the boat between the 2010 refit and a previous one in 2007 that included new teak decking, audiovisual systems, and more.

If he were the next owner, Zagorakis says, he would replace the years of cabling that has been added on with new systems. He would also replace the helm electronics and do an interior refit—but that’s it. “With an interior refit and new electronics, she’ll be good to go,” he says. “She will cruise at 17 to 18 knots, and she can hit 22 knots. She purrs like a kitten now.”

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Kim Kavin
Kim Kavin is an award-winning writer, editor and photographer who specializes in marine travel. She is the author of 10 books including Dream Cruises: The Insider’s Guide to Private Yacht Vacations, and is editor of the online yacht vacation magazine www.CharterWave.com.