January 28th 2014. By Diane Byrne.

Benetti Ocean Paradise: Individual Expression

How do repeat clients of Benetti outdo themselves? With a Zen-inspired yacht that is also pure fun.

Custom yachts by their very nature express the owner’s  individuality, but Ocean Paradise, a 180 foot yacht delivered by Benetti last year, does share some characteristics with other Benetti launches. Like them, she has a steel hull and aluminum superstructure. Ocean Paradise also has some familiar exterior styling elements, giving her a family feel. However, from the subtly vanilla-tone paint job to the arrangement of exterior and interior relaxation spaces, Ocean Paradise is one of a kind. Her owners, brothers from Singapore, ensured every area is imbued with Zen. They also ensured that the yacht would be as welcoming to charter parties as it would to their own friends and family.

benetti ocean paradise

Among the design-related principles related to Zen is that of tranquility. Spaces should make us feel calm. Sure, Ocean Paradise has speedy PWCs, but from her sundeck to lower deck, she also makes guests feel at ease. Another principle is that of understated beauty. Nothing about Ocean Paradise’s appearance is superfluous or showy.

Benneti superyacht

Alfresco spaces aboard Ocean Paradise are uncluttered, yet another Zen design principle. That’s not to say that the teak-lined areas are dull. Colorful cushions and other furnishings add bold pops of color. And, whether guests are in the sun or shade, they enjoy terrific vistas of anchorages.

Benetti super yacht

The beach club has become a key feature of many a modern megayacht. Ocean Paradise is no different. It’s formed when a portion of the transom folds down. Unlike other yachts, the beach club here is a permanent space. That’s due to the toys and primary tender being stowed on the foredeck, and in a dedicated garage just forward of the beach club.

Benetti mega yacht

Perhaps a reflection of their youthful age, the owners of Ocean Paradise wanted a chair swing on the master suite’s balcony. They also wanted a fixed balcony, not one formed by a fold-down bulkhead. This way they can the view whether at anchor or while Ocean Paradise is cruising at 12 knots.

Benetti megayacht

Remember what we said about colorful furniture? Here’s a look at some of the pieces on Ocean Paradise’s sundeck. Also note the see-through cube in the foreground to the right. Transparency, both literal and figurative, was another important ideal conveyed by the owners. Floor-to-ceiling glass takes care of the same concept in the saloon and dining room on the main deck.

sundeck on megayacht

What would a sundeck be without a pool? Better yet, how about a waterfall-like pool? Sunpads lie adjacent (toward the right side and background), as you might expect. The soaking spot is also conveniently adjacent to a bar—which is no ordinary bar, either. It’s equipped with a DJ console.

ocean paradise dining

LEDs play a significant role aboard Ocean Paradise. They’re used to great aesthetic effect as seen here in the dining room. LEDs also serve practical purposes, reducing energy consumption. They’re among the reasons why Ocean Paradise received Green Plus Gold notation from RINA. It’s a voluntary environmental-minded standard that is challenging to achieve.

Benetti yacht

Several aesthetic principles come into play in the foyer. The most obvious is the Zen garden, which changes every day. Then there’s glass, visible at the base of the stairs. More glass (not shown), fashioned as a full-height wall, separates the foyer from the dining room just aft. It allows natural light to spill into the space.

super yacht cabin

Each guest stateroom aboard Ocean Paradise has a distinct color palette. You’re looking at the VIP cabin and bath (en suite, of course). LEDs once again play a vital role in each accommodation, picking up the color theme.

Benetti ocean paradise

Pac-Man or Space Invaders, anyone? This table, in the skylounge, is a video-games console custom-made for retro favorites. The owners of Ocean Paradise love to play, and charter guests get a kick out of it, too. The chairs accompanying it, plus the rest of the skylounge, have a fun, funky vibe.

Ocean Paradise reflects a strong vision that blends modern-day design with time-honored tradition. The brothers who commissioned her wanted the 180-footer to be distinct. As the photos here show, they achieved that goal. Carbon fiber comes together with cream carpeting. Bleached oak contrasts with black or bold tones. Not even door handles escaped their discerning eyes. But they also achieved the goal of creating a yacht that they and charter guests can equally enjoy. From disco days on the sundeck to movie nights while gathered on the saloon’s sinuous and super-soft settee, Ocean Paradise pledges a good time.

For more information, contact Benetti.

Diane Byrne

Diane M. Byrne is the founder and editor of the daily updated website Megayacht News. A longtime yachting writer, she also contributes to Yachts International, Boat Exclusive, and other magazines. She is additionally a member of the International Superyacht Society Board of Directors and Vice Chair of the U.S. Superyacht Association.