April 30th 2013. By Lenny Rudow.

Cruisers Cantius 48: Video Boat Review

The Cantius 48 from Cruisers Yachts started a new trend in express cruiser design.

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A few years ago, when the Cruisers Cantius 48 was first introduced, I reviewed it for YachtWorld. Today, we’re here to test it and review it for a video on boats.com. And every time I see this boat it reminds me of just how innovative it is.

At the time, I said that this boat would set design trends that would last for years. Since then I’ve seen a half dozen boats that tried to mimic this design. The Cantius 48 is the original.

Lenny: So Jon, it’s been few years. What’s changed on the 48?

Jon Viestenz, Cruisers Production Manager: We haven’t changed a thing on the 48.

Lenny: What about owner feedback?

Jon: Yes, but anything that an owner wants over and above our standard or optional features, we handle through a special order request process to meet their needs.

Lenny: So it’s almost available on a semi-custom basis.

Jon: Absolutely, yes.

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Lenny Rudow

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