February 7th 2013. By Diane Byrne.

Trinity Yachts Launches Latest Lady Linda

A knowledgeable yachting couple and repeat clients of Trinity Yachts embrace the custom-construction experience with Lady Linda.

Running out of ideas is clearly not a problem for Doug and Linda Von Allmen, the owners of the 187-foot Lady Linda, the third Trinity they have owned. Having commissioned a handful of custom yachts over more than a decade, most of which were also christened Lady Linda, the Von Allmens cherish the opportunity to craft bigger, bolder boats to keep behind their Florida home and to cruise their beloved Bahamas. This latest marks their largest Trinity so far, and is just a hair smaller than Trinity’s recently launched 191 foot Carpe Diem. She also marks an interesting departure in style from their previous yachts, and also from many other recent builds.

Trinity Yachts Lady Linda underway

REGISTER FOR THE DRAFT Trinity Yachts is well versed in building boats for owners wishing to cruise the shallow waters of the Bahamas. As a result, the all-aluminum Lady Linda has a draft of just eight feet. While the islands are a relatively short hop from the Von Allmens’ home, the yacht is capable of long-distance cruising, too. Her reported range is 4,300 nautical miles at 10 knots, given twin 3,384-hp Caterpillar diesel engines.


ROOM TO SPARE Lady Linda bears exterior styling and naval architecture by Trinity Yachts’ in-house team at its Gulfport, Mississippi headquarters. (It still maintains its original shipyard in New Orleans, too.) Beam is a commodious 33’4”, and her semi-displacement hull form was engineered for equal comfort whether at her 20-knot top end or 18-knot cruising speed.


GALLANT GRACE Elegance is the watchword for Lady Linda’s interior. While the Von Allmens’ previous Trinity, a 157-footer, was equally ornate, she was a bit more traditional, with wall-to-wall mahogany paneling. This Lady Linda has abundant lighter-toned burl wood, Lalique glass, and stone. They’re enhanced here in the saloon by varying ceiling heights and different coffered treatments, making the yacht feel more open. The Von Allmens worked with Evan Marshall, the London-based designer who also collaborated with them on their previous yachts.


main deck bar

ART GALLERY This stone-topped bar lies just inside the aft-deck entrance of Lady Linda. The Von Allmens wanted to welcome guests coming in from outside, keeping everyone together in a relaxed way. Note the Lalique glass panel behind the bottle stowage and glassware shelving. Also note the large painting to right in the photo. The Von Allmens selected it, and all art aboard, specifically for the space.


Lady Linda dining

FINE DINING While the idea of staying indoors aboard is hard to fathom, the formal dining room aboard Lady Linda is an attractive setting. Guests can enjoy views to both sides, and the Lalique panels forward are eye-catching whether during the day or night. Of course, there are further alfresco dining options on both the main deck and the bridge deck.

MULTILEVEL MANSION No mere lobby this... an intricate mural that took a few months to complete lines the stairway rising up through Lady Linda’s decks. The stone sole and backlit Lalique panel heighten the dramatic look and feel. It’s interesting to note that there isn’t an elevator, something other megayachts are increasingly incorporating these days.


Bridge deck cinema

WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD If you thought the lobby was dramatic, get a good look at the silver-leafed ceiling and the rest of the cinema on Lady Linda’s bridge deck. It’s actually the sky lounge. Depending on how the furnishings are arranged, the room serves one purpose or the other. Draw the curtains across the full-height glass aft, raise the television, move some loose furnishings, and you’re all set.



bridge deck sky lounge

RETRO CHIC Here’s an alternate view of the same room, set up as the sky lounge. While the wave-like wood inlays underfoot and the colorful mural set it apart from the rest of the relaxation areas forward, there are still thematic ties. All the furnishings are blue, and there are distinctive Art Deco panels adorning bulkheads by the TV cabinet aft and the bar fully forward.

Trinity Lady Linda master suite

VISUAL ENHANCEMENT Like essentially every megayacht these days, Lady Linda situates the master suite forward on the main deck. Unlike most of their fellow owners, however, the Von Allmens offset the entrance from the lobby, which leads into an office, and the entrance from the office to the bedroom, to avoid the bowling-alley-like look of door after door.

Master her bath

BATHING BEAUTY Burl wood, varying shades and types of stone, and more come together in “her” side of the master bath aboard Lady Linda. The large oval ports are like picture windows overlooking the sea. “His” side also features good use of stone, like the aptly named Volcano Red marble, which adorns the sinktop. A smart feature just outside of his bath: ventilated shoe cupboards.

bridge deck

GRACIOUS GUESTS Should extra guests join the Von Allmens or others while Lady Linda is chartering, this bridge-deck stateroom comes into play. The bed is a Murphy bed, though you’d be none the wiser if you weren’t informed of this. On some charters so far, the stateroom has served as the kids’ cabin and playroom, as there are games and toys tucked into cabinets.

black state room

COLOR CODED It was of utmost importance to the Von Allmens for the four guest staterooms below decks to be of equal sizes. Each has its own color scheme in terms of bedding and marble, with this one referred to as the "black" stateroom by the crew. Note how the bed faces the large oval ports. Most megayacht owners place the beds beneath them, but the Von Allmens wanted Lady Linda’s guests to enjoy the view when waking up.

Specifications:  LOA: 157’0” •  Beam: 33’4”  •  Draft: 8’0” •  Displacement: 544 tons •  Fuel capacity: 22,989 gallons

Lady Linda is every inch a yacht commissioned by a couple knowledgeable about living on the water. The Von Allmens also know quite well how to respect the working side of yachts. A good example is what appears to be an art piece amidships in the foyer outside of the sky lounge. It’s actually a hidden door to the wheelhouse, and a stairway that leads down to the galley. It ensures the crew can go about the job of moving and maneuvering Lady Linda while the Von Allmens or charter guests are simultaneously gathered aft, with neither disturbing the other. After all, without one, there cannot be the other.

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