says, world’s largest database of brokerage boats for sale. announces a first at the Tullet Prebon London Boat Show this year where pre-owned boats will be on display for the first time in the all new Used Boat Marina, in association with YachtWorld.   The Brokers Village stand is located in the South Hall and will act as the ‘gateway’ to the Used Boat Marina.  

Never before have show visitors been able to physically look at and get aboard a sample of the used boats on offer from a variety of broker listings available through the YachtWorld Broker Village. Research shows that first time buyers are the most likely to buy a pre-owned boat and so the Used Boat Marina aims to make entry level and second-hand purchasing much more accessible, potentially turning former ‘lookers’ into ‘buyers’ at the show. believes that investing in the pre owned sector will ultimately help to bring life to the market: “Enhancing the services for brokers to sell used boats effectively at the show gets the whole market moving; as pre-owned boats change hands, previous owners can subsequently upgrade and buy new boats,” said Ian Atkins, Vice President and General Manager, Dominion Marine Media, owner of the brand.

He continued: “New and used boat sales are inextricably linked and the more effort put into the pre owned market, the greater the knock on effect for new boat sales. Pre owned boats are the lifeblood of the industry, and it’s good that boat shows reflect this by representing this important sector at the show. Nearly 90% of all boat sales are pre owned boats and yet the majority of exhibitors use the show to showcase new models which is limiting to a large bulk of visitors who are looking to buy pre-owned boats.  The show should never be without the gleaming, state-of-the-art models which so many of the visitors come to see and be impressed by, but neither should we ignore the grass roots of the boating industry.  Boat shows are about getting people on to the water and keeping the industry alive and the used boat market is an integral and vital part of our industry, which is why this is such an exciting initiative.”

Brokers continue to demand good quality pre owned boats to sell in the current buyer’s market because it ensures they can offer a wider choice and give price variety to buyers who have become more conscious about getting value for money and securing a better deal in today’s economic climate.

You can visit the YachtWorld Broker Village at the boat show to get advice on buying new and pre owned boats as well as searching through broker, dealer and manufacturer will also introduce its inaugural Marine Industry Report at the Tullet Prebon London Boat Show giving a unique insight and analysis into the state of the marine industry and the global boat sales market.

For further information please contact Charlotte Bulloch or Nicola Holder on 01425 472330 or email