CONTEST: Name That Dive Boat

By Pete McDonald

Name this dive boat for Dive Bimini at the new Bimini Big Game Club.

The reopened Bimini Big Game Club needs a name for its new dive boat, and is holding a naming contest: Winner gets a free dive trip.

The Big Game Club, opened this spring as a Guy Harvey Outpost Resort, features eco-friendly fishing and diving packages. The diving part comes through a collaboration between Harvey and Neal Watson, and will be operated under the name Neal Watson’s Dive Bimini.

Here’s the gist of it:

First, send your suggested names by posting it to (deadline is October 1, 2010). Send as many as you can think of. There are no rules on the names submitted, although the Guy Harvey Outpost team is going to favor ones that are clever, entertaining, easy to pronounce and not too long.

Then a group of at Guy Harvey Outpost, including Guy and Neal, will rally up and review the “keepers”, from which they will create a shortlist of four names.  These four names will then be posted to our Guy Harvey and Outpost Facebook pages and be put to a vote by our fans.

The name with the most votes wins and becomes the new name of our dive boat. And in addition to receiving a personal “high five” letter of thanks from Guy and Neal, the winner will receive a complimentary 2 night stay at the resort and include a two tank dive on “their” dive boat.

Pete McDonald
Pete McDonald is a contributing editor to Power & Motoryacht. Previously, he spent 11 years on the editorial staff of Boating. He has won multiple writing awards and holds a master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.
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