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As Ocean Alexander has done previously, the 100 Motoryacht is available as an open-bridge configuration as shown or with an enclosed bridge. A particularly nice feature with the open bridge is the sliding hardtop, positioned over the dining area and bar. Ocean Alexander 100 Motoryacht: Just the Right Size December 18th 2014. The Ocean Alexander 100 Motoryacht solves two interesting space problems: she’s small enough for some buyers while being large enough ...
Cal 40 surfing down a wave Cal 40: A Speedy Bit of History December 14th 2014. Old doesn't mean slow. Not by a long shot.
boat villages screenshot on ipad Modern Yacht Maintenance December 14th 2014. Digital maintenance and management services make modern yacht ownership easier.
This 163-foot Christensen, named Casino Royale after the James Bond film, is but one of several megayachts John and Jeanette Staluppi have owned. 2 James Bond Yachts are Enough, Superyacht Owners Decide December 11th 2014. John and Jeanette Staluppi were about to add a third megayacht named after a James Bond film to their fleet... ...
155 yacht Sunseeker Blush: Eddie Jordan’s 155 Feet of Megayacht Magic December 6th 2014. One of Sunseeker’s best customers personalizes his 155 Yacht in ways you’d never expect of a production build.
The Hanse 371 slips through the water on a reach. The boat is known for not only its speed, but also its ability to be easily single-handed. Hanse 371: Easy Sailing November 29th 2014. This German boat is fast, slippery, and ready to be single-handed.
Finding the right yacht broker is essential in the successful sale of your boat. Find the Right Yacht Broker November 22nd 2014. If you’re selling your boat, make sure you select the right partner.
Lagoon 630 motoryacht first look video Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht: Short Video Tour November 14th 2014. Join reviewer Alex Smith for a look at this new motor yacht from Lagoon.
catamaran cruise ship Five Ultimate Party Yachts November 13th 2014. Whatever your fantasy boat may be, you’ll find it here.
jeanneau sun odyssey 54 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS: Begin the Journey November 9th 2014. The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS has a proven track record as a good value in the sailboat market.