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Bering Yachts was founded in 2007 with the aim of developing rugged, safe, reliable long-range passage makers capable of crossing oceans. Our line of boats from 50' to 80' includes all styles of cruising-from coastal passages to exploration of the remote corners of our planet.
By combining proven designs that have stood the test of time in the commercial marine industry with the ultimate in layout flexibility thanks to the use of structural steel hulls and decks, we can offer you a truly unique and extraordinary (long range) motor yacht second to none.
Bering is ready to design, customize and create the ultimate steel trawler that will perfectly meet your cruising ambitions, whether they be exploring the nearly infinite miles of coastline found throughout the world to the most adventurous ocean crossings and blue water travel.

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photo of 80' Bering 80
80' Bering 80
2014 US$ 5,490,000

Bering 80 is part of the Yachtship Series of motor-yachts. Characterized by strong trawler lines and a robust overall look, Bering 80 is a deep-trans-oceanic vessel that can host up to 14 guests and cruise leisurely at between 8 and 10 knots with a range of 4,000 nautical miles, fitting the requirements of a real exploration enthusiasts.

Designed for the ability to take on any ocean, and a rating with no limits to weather, B 80’s strong and rugged design gives her the abilities that matter most: a sea-kindly motion in heavy weather, reliability and ultimate seaworthiness of design.

Bering 80’s steel hull provides excellent performance even under severe weather conditions and total invulnerability in water, allowing wintering and remaining in good shape for decades. Bering 80 displaces 330.700 pounds at full load, nearly double in comparison to most competitors. The low centre of gravity combined with the sheer mass of the vessel reduces the roll moment, minimizing pitching and pounding that so many find unpleasant.

Interiors can be configured in a number of different ways to meet the expectations and requirements of her owners and to fit their particular lifestyles. For example, the owner could choose having the master suite situated on the fore end of the main deck instead midships lower deck. This would give further privacy from potential guest interaction if needed.

With tanks holding 10,000 gallons of fuel, there really is no port out of your reach. Traveling at efficient passage making speeds of around 8-10 knots your range is in excess of 4,000 Nautical miles. If you are not ready for such distant voyages then you have the peace of mind knowing that a full load of fuel will last many months of coastal cruising. Likewise 1,000 gallons of fresh water capacity ensure a high quality life, allowing extended hot water showers without reservations.

Bering 80 can also be configured with a Hybrid Propulsion option, using the ReGen Nautic electric hybrid system; Electric hybrid systems reduce the usage of fossil fuel, provide the power needed at sea, and allow ability to enter and leave ports in electric-only mode.

The strict use of only commercially rated and internationally sourced equipment of  highest level of reliability  on board ensures that you will have minimal equipment related problems, and in the rare case that you do, parts will be readily available regardless of your location.

Bering 80 is an ideal highly reliable, luxurious, full-displacement steel ocean going yacht.

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