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Baxter Marine image The boys and girls at Baxter Marine (some of them will be most flattered to be described so) are, by nature, warm and friendly. Each and everyone is a people person. Each and everyone is client oriented. Even if you’re not buying or selling today and even if they’re busy, they’ll be genuinely pleased you called in to say hello. And chances are you won’t be alone.

Stop off when you’re meandering past the shops and get to know them. Don’t be shy – they’ll be delighted to extend to you our usual brand of Baxter Marine hospitality. Need to know where to find great new eating-places? Just ask. Need to know where to hire a car? Just ask. Need to know where to find the prettiest calas or the most buzzing night spots? You’ll be inundated with information.

To meet the team, simply visit our website.


Baxter Marine

Puerto Portals
Local 38, Calvia
Palma de Mallorca, Spain 07181

Tel +34 971 676 786
Fax +34 971 676 565
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