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Chris Craft

Bates Wharf image Owning a Chris-Craft provides a kaleidoscope of experiences that offer just about everything you could ever want any leisure activity or a boat to provide.

Itís a means of escape. It allows you to find solitude or to enjoy the company of friends.

Itís a way to relax. Or it can provide intense excitement and elation.

Whether it is a simple blast around the bay, a day out with your children, a weekend adventure with old college friends or an extended trip with someone special, a Chris-Craft will always leave you with defining memories of the perfect boat trip.

As you step on board, you notice the unique shape of a Chris-Craftís sleek exterior dimensions. Your first impression is that you are about to experience something special. This feeling is confirmed when you see intricate details, gleaming steel and burnished wood, which beautifully combine past and present. When your foot touches teak decking, you leave your worries behind.

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