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Co-founders and President

J. BURR BARTRAM, JR., CO-FOUNDER (1934-2013): Prior to the formation of Bartram & Brakenhoff, Mr. Bartram was associated with a highly prominent yacht brokerage firm for six years, where he attained the position of Vice President and General Manager of the Stamford, Connecticut office. Mr. Bartram had been yachting since childhood, initially with his family and then in a succession of yachts of his own. He was active in numerous yacht clubs, including the prestigious New York Yacht Club. His co-managing the Courageous Syndicate's successful defense of "The Cup" in 1974 highlights his long and avid interest and involvement in the America's Cup activities. Mr. Bartram was also a member of YBAA (Yacht Brokers Association of America) and FYBA (Florida Yacht Brokers Association). "Joe" had a lot of respect amongst some of the best crew in the industry for his persistence of job placements. Over the years, Mr. Bartram's reputation was considered to be one of the most successful yacht brokers in the industry, selling a variety of unique, classic and large motor yachts.

BRUCE R. BRAKENHOFF, CO-FOUNDER (1932-2012): Mr. Brakenhoff had sixteen years of yacht sales experience prior to the formation of Bartram & Brakenhoff. The last six years of this time was with a highly prominent yacht brokerage firm where he attained the position of Vice President in charge of branch offices and all new boat operations. He also had been yachting since childhood, both in family and personally owned boats. He had a long sail racing career in both one-designs and offshore yachts before turning to cruising. His involvement in various yacht clubs such as Larchmont, Storm Trysail and Conanicut had included being a member of governing boards. For the past years, he had been a partner in International Yachting Events, an organization which managed yacht racing events including Yachting's Race Weeks at Block Island and Whidbey Island, Key West and Solomon's Island. Mr. Brakenhoff was a member of FYBA, YBAA AND AYCA (American Yacht Charter Association) and had been the Chairman of the Ethical Committee for YBAA for the past several years. Mr. Brakenhoff also had the reputation of a successful yacht broker in the industry, selling unique, classic and large sailing yachts.

DAVID C. LACZ, PRESIDENT, OWNER: Mr. Lacz has been in the yachting industry for the past twenty-five years, ten of which were as a private yacht captain sailing throughout the Mediterranean, Caribbean and U.S. waters. During this period, he assisted in the design and construction of the yacht he was to captain. He eventually started a successful charter business for the owner, sailing guests and clients in the Caribbean and New England waters. Mr. Lacz started working for Bartram & Brakenhoff in 1995 as a broker and since ownership, he has been dedicated to upgrading technology for all the in-house systems, our marketing strategies, and increasing the sales force and business activities in both the Newport, Rhode Island and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida offices. Mr. Lacz is a member of YBAA, FYBA, and RIMTA (Rhode Island Marine Trade Association). His ideas and concepts are to continue with the style and reputation that Bartram & Brakenhoff has been known for over the past four decades and will continue with "business as usual" for the next four decades.

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