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Welcome to Baltic Yachts Americas

Baltic Yachts Americas image Baltic Yachts began in 1973 with the idea of building faster and better sailing boats. Boats that would become yachts. And yachts that, in time, would set the standard by which the world judges a yacht.

In theory, the idea is simple. In reality, it is elusive.

Throughout, Baltic has retained its philosophy: A light, strong yacht that sails fast and handles well, which is at once the ideal cruising yacht and a competitive racer.

This simple philosophy has brought the world's best naval architects, designers and engineers to Baltic's door. It has inspired technological breakthroughs and changed forever the way a yacht is built.

What makes a Baltic Yacht a "Baltic"? The resolution of the people who build them to keep the original idea alive - light, highest quality and strong. It is in the best Finnish tradition. It is what makes a Baltic unique in all the world.

Baltic Yachts actively participates at the cutting edge of custom yacht building. By applying its philosophy, technical expertise and engineering excellence to the designs of the world's best designers and most demanding owners, Baltic has gained a reputation worthy of the phrase "second to none."

Whether your desire is a world-class cruising yacht with every comfort of the shore to a mega yacht of luxury or a high performance racing vessel fine-tuned to the latest rule, Baltic has the facility, ability and desire to match your exact specifications.

Have a look at our new and pre-owned Baltic Yachts, then give us a call, swing by for a visit and don't forget to visit for more information on line.

Featured Boat
photo of 67' Baltic 67
67' Baltic 67
1996 €1,800,000

Launched in 1996, this exceptional boat is quite comfortable, easy to handle and quite fast. In order to achieve those objectives the displacement was kept low to just 18.5 tons. With the latest generation of electrical and electronic equipment, the boat can be easily driven by just two persons. Motoring speed is cruising at 9.2 knots with an average consumption of 7 liters/hour. 10 knots: 12.5 liters/hour.
Typical doownwind sailing performance with 25-30 knots wind: constant 15 knots with peaks at 17 knots.

In order to reach the displacement and performance numbers required, the yacht had to be built using very high tech methods and materials: a 100% carbon pre-preg hull, deck and an interior all done using lightweight foam panels with thin teak facing. A carbon fiber shower stall may seem silly, but it helps in this type of pursuit. Any recent modifications have always been made with weight considerations.

However, after all is told the truly unique characteristic of this boat --aside from the sleek appearance and the undisputed performance-- is simply how well balanced she is. In almost three years and many miles in all types of sea conditions, the current owner along with his family and guests have never suffered from seasickness. This owner could only part with this irreplaceable source of joy and pride for the Baltic 78 canting keel yacht or a new Baltic 73 project.

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