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The Aspen’s Patented Power Proa Hull offers the softest ride, best fuel economy and accommodations of her class. Aspen’s robust hull is designed to slice through heavy seas without hesitation and to track as if on rails. Her high catamaran tunnel provides extraordinary sea worthiness, stability, and contributes to her dry ride. But above all seriousness of purpose, there is a wonderfully romantic, emotional element to the boat that strongly attracts, in a no-nonsense way. Easy to operate, easy to own: it’s surprisingly bright and spacious with a large galley and dinette, double helm seats, king mattress stateroom and en suite head. It’s no surprise, our owners use their boats more than any of their previous boats. When you purchase from Aspen Power Catamarans, you get much more than a boat, You get a lifestyle. Imagine.

Designed by Larry Graf and his engineering team with more than 30 years of combined catamaran design and cat boating experience, you can be confident the construction details are just right. We understand your goal is a relaxing, adventuresome, comfortable boating experience. In many ways, the Aspen Power Cat is the perfect balance for the environment; comfort and efficiency.

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photo of 40' Aspen Power Catamarans C120
40' Aspen Power Catamarans C120
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Aspen’s Patented Hull offers the softest ride, best fuel economy and has the finest accommodations of its class. The robust hull is designed to slice through big waves without hesitation and to track in all seas as if on rails. Designed with a single inboard configuration; the Aspen C120 will cruises at 20.7mph and burns only 8.4gph and has a top speed of 27.7 mph with a single 435 Volvo Penta inboard diesel. This incredible vessel is 3 times more fuel efficient than any other competitive cruising boat. Roger McAfee of Pacific Yachting, “The Aspen Cruiser is an ingenious vessel designed from the outset to be sea kindly and economical.” The advance Proa Catamaran hull accounts for its extraordinary seaworthiness, stability, and fuel burn. Easy to operate: it’s surprisingly bright and spacious with excellent visibility; it has a large galley and dinette, king island mattress stateroom and his and hers en suite head. The C120 has 2 state rooms, using the dinette and quarter berth it sleeps 4 more. It presents an extreme level of fit and finish with a no-nonsense design. Unique standard equipment includes: Bow and Stern Thrusters, Gas Stove and Oven, Double side by side Helm Seating, and true premium marine components throughout. When Larry Graf and his team built the C90, many were skeptical. It’s a terrific boat, but now the Aspen team has proven they are capable of applying the concept to larger boats, with the release of the new C120 Motor Yacht, it not only works; but is an unbelievable leap over everything else on the market!


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