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Aspen Power Catamarans image As many of you know, I have worked in the marine industry for more than 20 years. In 2007, I left Glacier Bay after 15 years, where I enjoyed every minute and every ounce of energy it took to build the world’s largest, power catamaran company. I have, also over the years, completed a number of open ocean adventures on Glacier Bay’s; including runs to Bermuda (728 miles), Siberia (256 miles), Midway Island (1364 miles), Alaska (2,700 miles) and many trips up the British Columbia Coast. On a professional level, I have also served on the National Marine Manufactures Association’s (NMMA) boat builder’s board and spearheaded projects for the Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA).

However, it is time for a fresh challenge. With leveraging years of experience along with listening to owner’s dreams into the next big step forward - to design and build a new line of smart adventure yachts 28 through 48 feet in length.

The technical goal of Aspen is to push the frontier for mid-range cruising fuel efficiency, for roomy comfortable accommodations, as well as ease of handling for a cruising couple. You may have noted our hull and power plan are unique in the marine field. For many builders, convention is essential. In my professional career, I have always had a passion for and excelled at understanding today’s technology as well as envisioning the-next-step-forward, I.E. inventive-engineering. The Aspen hull configuration is a significant step that evolves from a proven and logical foundation. Current cats, especially Glacier Bays, perform exceptionally well on one engine. A typical 26-footer with twin 150’s will run hands free at 24 mph on one engine. The Aspen Power Cats engineering concepts start from this stage. Then, through patent pending hull configuration improvements, the expected symmetry and dynamic balance differences from drive hull to Proa’s hull are adjusted to neutral. The net affect for owners is a boat that drives and feels exceptional.

Our tooling and engineering team completed a 28' proof of concept engineering boat in August 2008. Testing of this boat was extensive through that Fall; in a wide range of sea conditions through the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Puget Sound. The design runs exceptionally well, its performance was confirmed by a number of prominent marine writers who also tested the prototype. The interest level and performance of the 28' proto was very strong. We decided in October of 2009 to put three 28' models into production with the first C90 Cruiser finishing in December 2009.

36' and 48' interest levels are strong and with additional funding, we expect to begin tooling in late spring 2012, with first delivery's the following spring.

Can we help build your dreams ….

Larry Graf
Founder/Chief Designer
And Lead Adventurer


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