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The Aspen Story
Quality above and below the surface.
Aspen Power Catamarans are meticulously designed and crafted to give flawless performance on demand. To do so, they must hold up to the incredible demands of a harsh environment. To withstand the powerful forces of nature, catamarans require the strongest, highest quality construction. Aspen delivers every inch of the way.
The beauty of Aspen’s exceptional strength and durability goes beyond the materials. Aspen is especially committed to design, construction, and quality craftsmanship; due to the performance demands and specifications of our owners. Each Hull is custom built to order, and is hand crafted with a special attention to all details. This contributes to the fact that none of their boats have been returned for defects covered by warranties.
All cross beams, bulkheads, transoms, and stringers are constructed from CNC cut Coosa composite ranging in thickness from ¾” to 2 ½”, guaranteed for life. Coosa is a polyurethane and fiberglass reinforced panel that is 45% lighter than plywood, it is waterproof and cannot decay. The uniquely engineered integrated rib, stinger, bulkhead system is solidly fiber glassed in place to carry a catamaran’s unique loads. A hand lay-up process utilizes a combination of premium knitted fiberglass materials yielding the maximum strength with the least amount weight.
Hull lamination starts with 22 mils of the best UV stabilized gelcoat. CCP’s, Armorcote 991 Isophthalic-NPG gelcoat, this provides superior UV resistance that displays the high gloss quality seen in their boats. Higher gloss combined with a deeper, richer color, provides an enhanced cosmetic appearance, while being resistant to water blistering. This is followed by a skin of 2 oz. mat with vinyl ester resin. This resin is 20% stronger, and is a complete water barrier. It eliminates any possible blistering below the waterline. The following lamination is with high strength Isothalic Polyester resin and includes layers of 18 oz. Roving (long fibers that go the entire length of hull), and: 1.5 oz. Mat. Then in specific areas 3mil- 6mil Coremat, knitted bi-axial fiberglass fabric, ¾” PVC Divinycell closed cell foam, and Kevlar. This is used to develop strength and structure as needed. The bottom of the hull is reinforced by 3 additional layers of mat and roving, along with a double layer of Divinycell. Total thickness of the bottom is just over 2 ½”and is double bottomed! The entire hull and deck are bonded with aircraft grade, cross linked urethane, then fastened with 316 SS fasteners every 6”. Finally, the inside of deck-hull joint is then fiber glassed with 1708 Nytex; where accessible.
Aspen is NMMA certified, but clearly their build quality goes above and beyond the minimum of industry standards. Great pride is taken in the system installations, wiring is Cobra, class K tinned copper wire, manufactured in Michigan. All plumbing and wiring runs are clearly labeled, installation is done with pride, to perfection; as if works of art.
Aspen’s incredible Proa hull design is the result of the accumulative knowledge from Larry Graf’s experience with Glacier Bay Catamarans (founder/president 1987-2007). The patented hull has 78% more roll stability, 70% more fuel efficiency, and has the softest ride know in the boating world. Coupled with the safety and reliability of an inboard diesel, this only means hours of comfort and fun on the water. When other boaters are taking a pounding, Aspen owners are smiling. If you appreciate quality at every level, as well as, the performance payoff from investing in the very best, there is only one place to look; Aspen Power Catamarans!

Featured Boat
photo of 40' Aspen Power Catamarans C120
40' Aspen Power Catamarans C120
2017 Call for Price

Aspen’s Patented Hull offers the softest ride, best fuel economy and has the finest accommodations of its class. The robust hull is designed to slice through big waves without hesitation and to track in all seas as if on rails. Designed with a single inboard configuration; the Aspen C120 will cruises at 18 mph and burns only 9.5 gph and has a top speed of 24.7 mph with (upgraded from standard 330 HP) 435 HP Volvo Penta D6 inboard diesel. This incredible vessel is 3 times more fuel efficient than any other competitive cruising boat. Roger McAfee of Pacific Yachting, “The Aspen Cruiser is an ingenious vessel designed from the outset to be sea kindly and economical.” The advance Proa Catamaran hull accounts for its extraordinary seaworthiness, stability, and fuel burn. Easy to operate: it’s surprisingly bright and spacious with excellent visibility; it has a large galley and dinette, king island mattress stateroom and his and hers en suite head. The C120 has 2 state rooms, using the dinette and quarter berth it sleeps 4 more. It presents an extreme level of fit and finish with a no-nonsense design. Unique standard equipment includes: Bow and Stern Thrusters, Gas Stove and Oven, Double side by side Helm Seating, and true premium marine components throughout. When Larry Graf and his team built the C90, many were skeptical. It’s a terrific boat, but now the Aspen team has proven they are capable of applying the concept to larger boats, with the release of the new C120 Motor Yacht, it not only works; but is an unbelievable leap over everything else on the market!


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