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Argos Yachts image Argos Yachts is a builder of premium quality crafted "expedition" style explorer yachts which are carefully designed to perform in conditions the others cannot. These yachts will get you there safely, comfortably, and economically. Built upon the world's first true "Hybrid" hull, they all have long range capabilities. They will then serve as a superior platform for all of your entertainment needs; from diving, to fishing, jet skiing, to cocktails & fine dining. If you are serious about your yachting, Argos yachts is your answer. The yachts are of all composite including all cabin soles and interior cabin partitions. All fuel, water, and waste tanks are built of composites as well making the yachts stronger and there will never be a failure of a lesser quality aluminum tank on any Argos Yacht. We employ our extensive boating skills and construction experience in order to provide our clients with the knowledge needed to select or build the right boat that will give years of pleasure and satisfaction. We place our client's interest above our own and continually strive to keep our reputation among the best in the business.

Please review the online photographs and specifications of our new yachts and centrally listed brokerage yachts and let us know how we may best serve your interests.

Featured Boat
photo of 70' Argos 70 RPH
70' Argos 70 RPH
2017 US$ 3,200,000

The Argos Gulfstream 92 has been reviewed by many yachting professionals, editors, & competitors alike with overwhelming praise. Extremely veratile yacht with speed and long range. Now offering same quality, styling, and features in a 70' model.

This model can be built on the same hull from 62' to 75'.

The New Argos Series.
Trans-Oceanic Offshore Performance Motor Yachts
Never Compromise™

Meet the Argos. She's an entirely new and uncompromised motor yacht experience, designed and built to overcome accepted trade-offs. The result: style, performance and trans-oceanic range, reliability and safety.

The Argos motor yacht is the result of a breakthrough concept and design by Argos Marine. The approach eliminates many of the trade-offs that characterize motor yacht purchase and ownership.


Unprecedented Style Statement
Aggressive yet classic, she is as visually striking as the most attractive European yachts, and with unsurpassed stability and seaworthiness. Featuring elegant lines that are bold and balanced, she makes an entirely new style statement that sets you apart.

Speed and Range
She is designed to achieve speeds to 35 knots while providing the displacement-level efficiency required for trans-oceanic cruising.

Greater Seaworthiness
She is purpose built for frequent passage making, challenging seas and trans-oceanic range. Her uniquely low profile results in a low center of gravity and significantly reduced roll. High-tech materials further increase her stability, strength and efficiency.

Breakthrough Hull
Her proprietary semi-displacement hull is tuned for an especially soft ride into six-foot seas at speeds exceeding 20 knots. Her carefully optimized V angles, soft chines and streamlining provide a more natural lift and significantly reduce bow wave, pounding, drag and roll. The result: a uniquely faster, smoother, quieter ride.

Custom Layouts
Super spacious and accomodating layout with no wasted space!.

Close Collaboration
Argos executives will work closely with you to make your new Argos motor yacht uniquely yours. Communication is ongoing and in real time, from design and layout through all aspects of build and launch.  

Engine Flexibility
Her advanced hull and engineering allow for a broad range of engine options, providing up to 30 knot top speed and 26 knot cruise.

Rigorous Testing
Extensive tank-testing was undertaken at the B.C. Maritime Research Institute. Over sixty trial runs were made using multiple hull configurations, 10-35 knot speeds, and sea states from calm to 10 feet. Initial tank tests for the Argos G92 were completed in October, 2005. The hull was refined and significant improvements for the final design were realized in the second tank tests performed in late December, 2005.
Now Available

To ensure owner distinction and high investment value, Worldwide production of the Argos Offshore Performance Series is limited to three vessels per year. The Argos G92 launched July, 2009, and will be followed by the introduction of the Argos G100, the Argos All Oceans Series 125', and the Argos 74' Commuter in the Fall of 2009. Most recently, hull #1 of the Argos 70' model was launched and delivered to her Florida based owner, February 2012.

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