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aquariusboat sales stolen website?

Aquarius Boat Sales image About a year ago, an “unreasonable and unhappy” customer purchased a website domain that bears the name of our company. If you do a Google Search, this website appears as one of the top URL listed. The owner of the site has been contacted numerous times to “Cease and Desist” with this site and the “harmful” content it contains. I am sure that this is causing confusion, and lost sales for my company which I founded 7 years ago. It has taken me a long time to build up a good reputation, and profitable business, and I would hate to think that one unhappy customer could cause us any problems.

The customer: Scott Hossack of Hossack Marine in Michigan, is a broker in our industry who purchased a brokerage boat from one of our good customers back in 2004. He had the boat surveyed, sea trialed, and even had a diesel mechanic inspect the engines. After paying a much negotiated reduced price for the boat he claimed that he lost one of the engines on a trip back to Michigan(SEE PICTURE ATTACHED) This doesn't look like an unhappy customer making his way home through NY? Anyone in boating knows that a million things could cause an engine to have a problem including overheating (sucking up plastic bag in the Hudson River?). In any event, we settled and returned all of our commissions, and paid thousands in legal fees with the hopes this matter would be behind us. We are still dealing with this matter, and this revengful and unreasonable customer.

We hope that if you have done business with our company like so many others over the years, you will visit our Facebook Page and say some nice things about how you were treated. Our reputation is all we have. Thanks. Mike


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