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Buying with Approved Boats

APPROVED BOATS image Buying with APPROVED Boats?

Identifying the Requirements:
At APPROVED Boats we will listen to what a customer needs, wants and dreams about in a boat. Many buyers, understandably, don't know exactly what kind of boat they want when they first begin shopping. Our brokers will listen to a customer's plans for the intended use of a boat, help establish a realistic price range and, from there, begin searching for a suitable boat.

Offering a Network of Listings:
APPROVED Boats are able to provide thousands of boat listings through our network. We will offer completely impartial advice because we are the broker and not the vendor. Some brokers/dealers will promote their own stock vessels before offering their brokerage vessels.

Conduct Viewings of Suitable Boats:
APPROVED Boats will use our unique listing services and in-depth knowledge of the current market to search for suitable boats to show you.
APPROVED Boats will then make viewing arrangements so that you will see the most appropriate boats, thereby saving you the time and effort.


Making the Strategic Offer:
With APPROVED Boats' intimate knowledge of the current local and international market conditions, the length of time the boat has been on the market and a familiarity with similar boats, we can help you to craft a realistic offer that increases the chances of buying the boat for a fair and reasonable price.

Facilitating Negotiations:
APPROVED Boats can help the buyer and seller reach an agreement on selling price; we will maintain constant communication between both parties, and keep possible small obstacles from becoming insurmountable problems. In cases where the buyer and seller disagree, APPROVED Boats can use our position as a middleman to instil trust and reason to both parties to allow negotiations to continue.

Finalising the Transaction:
Once an offer is accepted, APPROVED Boats will ease the process of finalizing the transaction.
This includes:

  • Safeguarding Funds: All monies will be deposited and safeguarded in our clients' escrow account.
  • Assisting In Arranging a Survey: APPROVED Boats can provide customers with a list of recommended marine surveyors, from which a buyer can then choose a surveyor to represent them in accurately assessing the condition of the boat.
  • Promoting Ethics:APPROVED Boats' position as a broker between buyer and seller places substantial ethical responsibility on us to ensure that both parties are treated honestly and fairly.
  • Preparing Paperwork:APPROVED Boats will assist in making sure all aspects of a sale are properly completed, from making an offer, paying deposits, arranging finance and insurance and ensuring that all title documents are complete and correct.

Once the sale has been completed:
APPROVED Boats can offer our range of APPROVED Boats Services that will allow you to spend more time enjoying your new boat.


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