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photo of 43' Everglades 435CC
43' Everglades 435CC
2016 Call for Price

Are you ready to be awesome?  Well, here's an easy way to instantly increase how awesome you are.  What we have here is unquestionably the most awesome center console on God's green earth. The Everglades 435CC is forty-three feet of straight up muscle.  It's the Buggati of boats.  There literally is nothing else like it on the planet.  It's twenty-five thousand pounds of fishing machine.  Sure, other manufacturers make 40+ foot center consoles out there.  It's the "cool" thing to do nowadays in the boat building world.  Nobody makes anything like this, though.  Buy a 435CC and you have the most well-built, best riding, best looking, most fishable and generally perfect center console in production today.

Why is the 435CC so awesome, you may ask?  Well, let me tell you about a little something called RAMCAP.  It stands for Rapid Molded Core Assembly Process, but it means that this boat is built tougher and completely different than any other boat on the water.  Yeah, all Everglades are built that way, and while other manufacturers are still building boats the way they built them when my parents were in high school, Everglades is leading the industry in innovation.  Awards for it?  Yeah, we've got 'em (3 NMMA Innovation awards, to be exact).  What all this translates into is that the 435CC rides better and is going to last longer than everyone else's product.  Oh, and it's backed up by the best warranty in the industry, so you can safely say that Everglades is pretty darn confident in how well built the boats are.

On top of all of that, this thing is just flat-out cool.  It's got four outboards. FOUR OUTBOARDS!  We would put bigger ones on it, but Yamaha doesn't make anything bigger than a 350.  It'll go 55mph.  It'll go 40mph in conditions that your buddy on a [insert any competitor boat here] wouldn't dream of going out in.  And yeah, it rides so nice, you can do it without even worrying about spilling your beer.

Bottom line, the Everglades 435CC is the most awesome fishing boat in production today.  Every single one is built custom, so we can put just about any bells and whistles on it you can think of.  Want 65 rod holders?  No sweat.  Custom outriggers?  Done that.  And we can get it in any color you (or your wife) wants.  Seeing is believing, so contact us at Annapolis Boat Sales and we'll arrange a ride on one for you.  One word of caution--we ain't goin' unless it's blowin' (all boats ride nice on a pond).



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