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Abayachting deals exclusively with yacht brokering. This activity can be carried out in Italy only after obtaining the required qualifications and then being enrolled in the “Ruolo dei Mediatori Marittimi” (Maritime Brokering Register); in our own case we are registered with the C.C.I.A.A. in Rome.

Abayachting was founded when specialists in the purchasing of seagoing vessels - both sailing boats and motorboats – came together with professionals in nautical services, and decided that it was time to dedicate themselves entirely to yacht brokering. The need for such a service had arisen since our clients started asking more and more frequently for personalised involvement.

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Also and especially in order to meet these needs, we have tried and still try to extend our possibilities all over the National area and beyond, so that we can offer a service which is as “dedicated” and complete as possible. Thus, we are able to follow each purchase directly on site, from the visit to the sea trial, from the negotiation to the signature of the sale contract.

In Italy we are present in:
Torino, Marina degli Aregai (IM), Lavagna (GE), Rosignano Solvay (LI), Taranto, Fano (PU), Rimini, Chioggia (VE), San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD), Trieste.

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Moncalieri (TO), Trieste, San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD)
Rimini, Fano (PU), Taranto, Rosignano Solvay (LI)
Lavagna (GE), Marina degli Aregai (IM), Italy 10024

Tel +39 011 19854240/+39 335 5352756/+39 339 1554077
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