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photo of 27' Riva Aquarama
27' Riva Aquarama
1966 €400,000

From 1962 until 1996 in total 769 RIVA AQUARAMAs in different configurations were built:

  • 281 x RIVA AQUARAMA, delivered from 1962 to 1971
  • 203 x RIVA SUPER AQUARAMA, delivered from 1963 to 1971
  • 7   x RIVA AQUARAMA LUNGO, only delivered in 1972
  • 278 x RIVA AQUARAMA SPECIAL, delivered from 1972 to 1996

This offer is for one of 281 RIVA AQUARAMAs built in 1966.

The RIVA AQUARAMA is a real legend and with her elegance, aesthetics and clear lines a veritable object of desire. She is often considered a design icon and her good reputation as investment makes her popular than ever. In that regard a gapless history of owners and an original restoration are of immense importance.

The ownership since her delivery in 1966 has only changed once within the same family. In the end, the proper reason for her sale lies in the fact that the owner has not used this RIVA in the recent years.

During the last three years of her use, she has been refitted completely by RIVA in Sarnico. Among other things the underbody was replaced which is a very complex and costly process that even a RIVA is not spared. In any case the new owner will be delighted that he will not meet this cost.

Moreover the boat is for more than 30 years under the supervision of a service company specialised in this type of wooden boat. A documented history regarding the ownership and the service is therefore guaranteed.

The RIVA AQUARAMA, which is stored under a cover during all these years in a dry hall, is for all the reasons outlined above in an exceptional condition. Necessary services will be carried out on the seller’s expenses before putting the boat into operation and delivering her to the new owner.

Finally, the new owner can use a RIVA AQUARAMA in top condition, with a complete history and without any further investment.

In any case we recommend a viewing on the spot, because a clear documentation with detailed and meaningful photographs is only possible to a limited extent (the Riva is stored in a rack in a hall).

Anyhow, we will be glad to send more information about the boat, the restoration work and pictures taken from details upon request.


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